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Tantalum Waste Acid Recovery Equipment

The Tantalum waste acid recovery equipment shown in Fig. 1 uses stainless steel as load-bearing structure and Tantalum or Tantalum 2.5 tungsten plate as lining to resist acid corrosion. The internal device made of tantalum tube is used as heating equipment or heat exchange equipment.

2. Waste acid recovery process

Continuous concentrated distillation process is adopted. The liquid enters from the entrance of stripping liquid. After the preheating of gaseous water vapor and acid volatile vapor in the second effect chamber, it enters the vaporization chamber for further heating, and then enters the evaporation chamber for heating by coil heater. The acid and water vapor enter the second effect chamber through vaporization chamber, fractionation chamber and connecting pipe. After initial cooling, it enters the condensation chamber and condenses into available acid. At the same time, the distilled salt is recycled through the outlet of distillate. Tantalum waste acid recovery equipment is used in rare earth industry or acid regeneration industry. Because the recovery process of rare earth and waste acid is completely closed system and physical process, the recovery degree of rare earth and acid is high, and there is no "three wastes" problem.

3. Processing Technology of Tantalum Coil Heat Exchanger for Tantalum Waste Acid Recovery Equipment

3.1 Tantalum Double Coil Heat Exchanger

Figure 2 shows the Tantalum double coil heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is composed of the Tantalum elbow, the inner coil and the outer coil. It has the advantages of small space occupied and large heat transfer area in use.

3.2 Tantalum Double Coil Heat Exchanger

The tantalum coil forming device is shown in Fig. 3. Firstly, clamping straight pipe punching die, straight pipe penetrates mandrel locking splint pressing against anti-wrinkle plate manually pushing die to rotate 90 disassembling splint anti-wrinkle plate back straight pipe is rolled into 90 bending. Secondly, the pipe changing die sliding guide rail reset fastening arc splint pressing against wrinkle-proof plate manual pushing 170 loosening splint loosening wrinkle-proof plate sliding guide rail and pipe winding die return to the original position. Repeatedly tighten the arc splint and wrinkle-proof plate, and push 170 degree bend manually. When the tail distance of the pipe is about 500 mm, the take-over process is carried out. After the straight pipe is welded, the pipe is reeled until the required number of circles is reached. Ta coil as shown in Fig. 2 can be processed by welding the coiled coil with elbow.


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