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In the face of corrosion, tantalum said no.

Tantalum plating product introduction

Pressure vessel is a kind of airtight equipment which contains gas or liquid and carries a certain pressure. Pressure vessel is a kind of closed vessel that can bear pressure. Pressure vessel is widely used. It plays an important role in many departments such as industry, civil, military and many fields of scientific research.

When the system is exposed to corrosive chemicals with high corrosivity and contacted with them, the standard accessories will be severely corroded, which will put the whole component at a higher risk of early failure. In serious cases, it will lead to the failure of normal use of the equipment and long downtime.


Direct economic loss

Interruption of normal operation

Difficulties in equipment maintenance

Threats to staff health

For a long time, the problems of corrosion and friction have not only restricted the development level of marine, chemical, biological engineering, mechanical processing, transportation, aerospace and many other industrial fields, but also caused major disasters such as the explosion of the oil drilling tower of palper alpha, the leakage of the East yellow oil pipeline of Sinopec Qingdao, and the derailment of the German high-speed railway ice 884.

Traditional austenitic stainless steel can not resist stress corrosion and chloride corrosion, especially sulfide cracks. This limits the application of connectors in many environments. In order to solve this problem, it is urgent to find corrosion-resistant materials.

Tantalum is recognized as the most corrosion-resistant metal

Low temperature chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Prepared surface alloy

Physical properties of Tantalum

It can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the matrix

Excellent deformation and bending ability

Unparalleled corrosion, high temperature and high pressure resistance

It's the best choice in bad conditions
Tantalum surface alloy material has excellent properties comparable to pure tantalum products. As a new type of anticorrosive material, it has many advantages in market application.

Compared with austenitic stainless steel, the pressure vessel treated with tantalum plating by xinbaoying CVD has better corrosion resistance. Austenitic stainless steel can not resist stress corrosion and chloride corrosion, especially sulfide cracks.

The metallurgical characteristics of Tantalum surface combined with uniform and conformal CVD layer form excellent acid resistant fittings, which have excellent compatibility in most corrosive acids, economic price and short delivery cycle. So it can be used in many industrial fields.


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