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Application of tantalum in medical field

In modern medicine, tantalum metal has attracted more and more attention from medical and material workers because of its unique advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, and has been widely used in the medical field.

Tantalum can be used as bone plate, screw, clamp, nail, suture needle and other surgical materials; tantalum plate, tantalum sheet can repair skull; tantalum foil, tantalum wire can suture nerves; fine tantalum wire can suture all kinds of blood vessels more than 1.5mm in diameter; tantalum wire can also be used for orthopedic bone shell replacement suture; tantalum can also be used for dental machinery manufacturing.

Porous tantalum metal is a unique porous sub-material. The whole structure is very similar to human sponge bone. Its strength and toughness are better than human sponge bone. Therefore, medical experts at home and abroad use porous tantalum metal rods as human implants to treat osteopathy such as early femoral head necrosis.

The frontal mixture of tantalum pentoxide and a small amount of iron trioxide can be used to accelerate blood coagulation.



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